My Recording Studio

My Recording Studio

Music studio in London

Recording studio in the heart of London

When working in Italy I use most of the time my own studio which I have built and developed over the years and where I have an extensive range of equipment which I can also use when working for Italy artists through my online music production service.

You can see more details on my Italian site.

When in London, I normally work in a recording studio in Old Street, (see my studio location). This studio provides an extensive range of technical equipment as well as lots of music instruments, including a real piano, fender Rhodes, analogue synth and vintage music instruments.

Offering a great studio to the artists I work with is an important part of my job as this will help create the right environment to find and shape the right style and sound for each band or singer.

From my end, working in a good recording studio is obviously important, however my priority is to obtain a specific sound for a mix and thanks to my professional network I have the opportunity to work in other studios where I can find the specific technology and resources I need at any given time.

Recording Studio equipment

MCI 500 Consolle (vintage 70’s consolle)
– Allen & Heat GS3V 64 Channels

Pro Tools HD X – 64 in / 64 out


Pro Tools
Logic Audio Pro


Universal Audio Apollo 8,
Apogee AD 8000
Linx Audio Aurora 16-VT
Tascam DA 88
RME Fireface 800
2 X Digidesign 192


Audes Studio
NS10M with Sub Yamaha
Adam A5X
Focal sound


Lexicon 480 L
Lexicon PCM 90
2 x Distressor
Tube-Tech compressor CL1-B
2 x TC Electronic M5000
Studer D19 Pre Mic Valve
Sony R7
Klark Teknik DN-780
Yamaha SPX990
SPL Vitalizer
Eventide H3000 D-SX
Valley Compressor 610
Ashly SG35E
Audio Digital TC-2
DBX 165-A
DBX 1046
DBX 902
4 x DBX 904
2 x Digitech Eq28/Eq 16
2 x Valley Gain Brain
7 x Valley Kepex 2
Drawmer 1960 Vacuum tube
Drawmer DL 251
2 x Roland R-880
2 x Urei LA-4
Orban 536-A
Lexicon Jam
2 x Valley Maxi Q
2 x Drawmer DS-201
3 x Pre Mic Valve TL-A
Aphex Exiter tipo 3°
Tube-Tech CL1B compressor
Drawmer 1960 pre/compressor
API 512C pre
TL Audio Ivory 2 4 Pre
LA Audio CX2 Compressor
Vestakaza dig 412 Delay
Lexicon PCM 91
Lexicon LXP-15
Motu 2408 digital Patchbay
Soundcraftsmen Pre/Eq
Nakamichi 1000
Roland jv1080
Emu Virtuoso 2000
Alesis DM5
Emu Procussion
Roland MDC 10
Akay S 3000 XL
Emu Morpheus
Hammond XM-2
Roland JP8000
Korg Wavestation
Generalmusic Promega 3
Roland JD 990
Emu Vintage Keys
Korg M3R
Emu E-64
Generalmusic S3
Teac GE20 Eq


Studer Analog A 810 – 2 analog track tape (1/4’’ e 1/2’’)
Studer MK II 24 Analog Track Tape (only on request)


Bruel & Kyaer
Crown PZM